Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Probate cases

Our company's experts render the following services:

  • Finding heirs unworthy due to their unlawful acts against the testator, any of his heirs or accomplishment of his last will expressed in the testament.
  • Finding testaments invalid judicially.
  • Judicial restoration of default succession acceptance period and finding the heir as accepting the inheritance.
  • Disputes on inheritance distribution. Performing preferential rights for indivisible things, household furnishing objects. Claims for compensation of disproportion of the obtained inheritable property with the share in succession.

The company's services concerning probate issues include the following:

  • Consultations on all arising questions.
  • Drawing up statement of claim, written explanations and objections.
  • Bringing claim to the court.
  • Participation in judicial sittings, your defense.
  • Receiving the judgment
  • Regular informing of the procedure course.