Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Other services for natural persons

Our company's experts render the following services:

- Defense of claimants and defendants in any civil law disputes

- Disputes arising from employment relationships.

  • cases on collection of salary indebtedness and other payment indebtedness
  • cases on reinstatement of employment
  • etc.

- Dispute of settlement validity

- Procedure on motor-vehicle accident cases.

  • drawing up statement of claim and bringing it to the court
  • performing technical expert examination and calculation
  • collection of information of the property of accident's party at fault
  • property attachment of accident's party at fault
  • case conduction till judgment enforcement
  • preparing draft of amicable agreement and affirming it in court
  • etc.

- Judicial proceedings on administrative violations.

- Conduction of cases on collecting amounts received under debt agreements, quittances.

- Execution proceedings: assistance in court enforcement actions, including cases of debtor's avoidance of debt payment. Work with court bailiff services, search for debtors' property, charge of property.

- Consultations concerning issues of admittance to citizenship and other questions in the field of migration processes.

- Privatization.