Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Legal services for natural persons

Legal advice is as necessary today as it was in the remote past. Vast numbers of people come across the diverse problems every day for which solution they need a legal matters expert. Many of us have already realized that when one bites a bullet, it is more reasonable to consult a lawyer in proper time than to shed tears and eat one's heart out when everything is already past remedy.

Services of a bar lawyer are not cheap but in most cases the end justifies the means. The lawyer is going to render you assistance in a tight situation.

While choosing a lawyer one should not consider the fact that a lawyer wins all the cases without exception a proof of his professionalism. Most probably, he had conducted only zero-risk cases. There are cases which no lawyer can win. Not only the quantity of court victories matters, but their quality too. It may not always be true that an expert who had got his hand in working with recovery suits fits for dealing with litigation of a tax audit act.

Remember: an experienced, honest, competent lawyer will never guarantee his client the favorable result, as not he himself but the court is going to make the decision and to award the sentence. The lawyer can only guarantee his own conscientiousness.

Magical properties are sometimes claimed for some lawyers, especially for the famous ones. Some people are sure that after they pay the lawyer a few thousand dollars he will solve all the problems. But it is far from being always possible.

If a lawyer is telling a person who committed a grave crime: ‘At best I will gain a conditional sentence for you, at worst you will be sentenced to two or three years, and then I will use my connections, get my acquaintances involved, and you'll get liberty in one year or so', he is certainly bluffing. A conscientious lawyer will say something like: ‘You can be sentenced for ten years imprisonment. Let's struggle for nine years'.

A great advantage for our clients is that complicated cases are discussed collectively in our Bar (of course, name and other client's data are not disclosed). Four eyes are said to see more than two.

Besides, in case of force-majeur (the lawyer's illness, etc.) we can always find a worthy substitute lawyer for him.