Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Family disputes

Our company's experts render the following services in the field of family legislation:

  • dissolution of marriage
  • marriage nullification
  • partition of matrimonial property
  • alimony disputes
  • drawing up agreements on alimony payment
  • drawing up agreements on partition of matrimonial property
  • drawing up agreements of marriage
  • drawing up agreements on partition of jointly acquired property
  • establishment of paternity
  • contesting paternity judicially, etc.

The company's family dispute services include the following:

  • conducting the case without your absence in court
  • drawing up statement of claim and bringing it to the court
  • making claims on partition of jointly acquired property
  • collection of information of income sources, property and other belongings of the spouses
  • drawing up and affirming agreement on procedure of child upbringing and support
  • participation in case conduction till judgment enforcement
  • preparation of the draft of amicable agreement and affirming it in court
  • regular informing of the procedure course