Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Legal services for legal entities

We can offer you the services in the necessary field s and thereby guarantee the success and prosperity of your business. For this purpose we offer you both one-time orders and cooperation on continuing basis via making contracts for all-inclusive legal services.

In modern Russia it is impossible to manage without qualified legal support of business - from enterprise registration to complicated cases in courts of arbitration.

Entrepreneurs in developed countries and now in Russia , too, prefer to make use of professional consultants' services. In this case the company's own legal department rather effectively cooperates with the external consultants. This is achieved by competent differentiation of responsibility areas.

If the enterprise has no staff lawyers it is all the more necessary to apply for legal assistance to achieve tax and legal security of the business.

Bar association “Foks” has solid experience of work in courts of arbitration and regular courts: in the field of real property, in corporate disputes, in disputes with state authorities and municipal institutions, legal protection from criminal and tax actions against organizations.