Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Consumer Service

The service includes continual rendering legal services of all kinds necessary for ensuring efficient functioning of an enterprise including consultations, economic agreements analysis and legal representation; therefore full outsourcing of organization's legal service is planned.

Does your organization need regular legal consultations, development and expert examination of agreement drafts, judicial protection or performing any registration? Do you hesitate whether to hire a staff lawyer or to make a contract with a legal firm? There are some arguments useful for making a decision.


1. Salary of a lawyer with the average work experience during 3 years and average knowledge amounts to 700-1000 dollars at labor market.
2. Lawyers who are ready to work for 400 dollars per month have the following features:

  • commonly, small or highly specialized working experience;
  • commonly, these are young people from 21 to 24 years of age who see work in your company only as a step in their beginning career, and they will stay in your company not longer than for one year.
3. Labor relationships with a staff lawyer have the following features:
  • You can impose on him or her additional duties and thereby save money – an advantage, but a very doubtful one;
  • After a year of work the employee will require wage increase or leave your company (a time-tested practice for such experts);
  • You have to incur additional costs provided by labor legislation: single social tax, holiday pay, sick-leave money payment, etc.; you will have to equip the employee’s working place, provide him or her with literature and legal bases, ensure his or her professional development;
  • a staff lawyer can fall ill, take a leave, quit unexpectedly – and you will be left without a lawyer;
  • a staff lawyer can disclose your trade or official secret, get a job at your competitors.
4. In case where your lawyer faces unfamiliar situations he will learn from your mistakes or you will have to consult a legal firm.


1. Legal firms have vast experience; their staff specializes in different fields of law which allows solving almost any problem promptly.
2. You can choose diverse kinds of consumer service at the cost of 500 dollars per month and higher.
3. A legal firm will not use you for making a career or quit to get promotion at some other place; we will carry on business together.
4. A legal firm will never leave its client due to financial problems or due to the client’s disagreement with service price increase, but will try to reach compromise.
5. A legal firm will never disclose your trade secret and leave you for your competitors; such actions would mean the end of business for us.
6. You need not to incur any costs for work with a legal firm except for consumer service payment which reduces taxable income.
7. A legal firm never falls ill, never takes a leave and never quits, it is always at work place even if you don’t see it.
8. You need not to search for consultants any more for we can provide you with our longstanding reliable partners: Appraisal Company, Auditing Company, Accounting Company, Management Consulting Company, Banks.

Legal support offered by our company includes the following services:

  • Preparation of corporate documents package, contract drafts (including contracts of transportation, agency agreements, supply agreements, sales agreements, lease contracts, etc.). Legal analysis and transaction support
  • Qualified support and solving tasks of tax mitigation
  • Consultations on investment issues
  • Claim-related work (representation in the Arbitration Court of Primorsky region, Arbitration Court of the Far-Eastern Federal District, Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation)
  • Consultations on bankruptcy issues
  • Consultations on offshore business issues
  • Organization of company documents circulation including support in registration of employment relationships with the staff and management
  • Client’s representation in relationships with state authorities.