Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

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Belovodsky Andrey Vital’evich

No photo Head of the Bar Association "Foks"

Belovodsky Andrey Vital’evich has been exercising functions of the head of the Bar Association “Foks” since 2000.

He is a high-skilled specialist in the field of defense of companies and organizations from criminal and tax persecution as well as in the field of pretrial and judicial settlement of corporate disputes.

He successfully won about 60 cases connected with the defense of trademark right, recovery of damages, litigation of governmental documents, disputes with state structures and municipalities, disputes between founders, labor disputes and etc., held in courts of arbitration and regular courts.

Belovodsky Andrey Vital’evich graduated from two higher educational institutions including legal department (Far-Eastern National University) and finished a training course in the USA. He is a postgraduate student of Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian Labor Union University.

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