Bar association "FOKS"
Russia, Vladivostok

Our staff

Belovodskaia (Barsukova) Olesia Vladimirovna

No photo Director of the Bar Association "Foks"

Graduated from the full-time department of the Law Institute (Far-Eastern State University) in 1999.

Started judicial work from 1999 being a staff lawyer in different organizations.
Was employed as a lawyer of the Bar Association “Foks” since the beginning of 2005.

Since 2007 Belovodskaia (Barsukova) Olesia Vladimirovna is performing functions of the director of the Bar Association “Foks” for lawyers’ activity. Belovodskaia (Barsukova) Olesia Vladimirovna is performing a successful practice in the field of corporate disputes and representing clients’ interests in courts of arbitration.

Got a training course in the USA, UK; is a member of the Pacific Academy of Science and a degree-seeking student of the Law Institute, Far-Eastern State University.

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